A company that started modestly, M&F is quickly becoming the region’s premier end-to-end construction solutions provider. M&F will remain modest, working hard to continually earn your confidence, and remain aligned with our values.

Since the beginning, M&F has grown steadily year over year. At first the growth was local industry demand, the result of our ability to deliver a quality product, reliably. As demand for our services increased, we hired and trained more crews and subsequently, the building community continually wanted more from us. So, through proper training and licensing, we added capabilities to meet customers’ demands. We understood the ingredients for maintaining our quality and reliability depends heavily on our faithful employees and business partners, so M&F has personnel and partner programs that reward performance excellence.

M&F Awarded SBA Contractor of the Year 2014 Richmond District
M&F Awarded SBA Contractor of the Year 2014 Richmond District

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offered some valuable guidance that helped us truly crystallize our values. This clarity and partnership, along with hard work, has resulted in exponential growth. Despite that growth, M&F remains true to our values, evidenced by garnering recognition from the SBA including Contractor of the Year, and Man of Year for Marcos Silva.

The M&F values are sustainable and we are hopeful other construction service providers will emulate.

Always Deliver a Quality Product that will Stand the Test of Time

  • M&F will finish every job, properly; consult on the design and materials as needed; suggest ways to do the job right within the customer’s financial constraints
  • Craftsmanship includes never quitting on a job until it is completed, properly
  • M&F never cuts corners or releases a job that will likely fail before the finished product’s life expectancy

Always Provide the Best Example in our Industry and to the Community

  • Be professional. Accept Responsibility. Do the right things.
  • Don’t just stay current, stay informed and educated ahead of the demand curve.
  • Take care of customers, co-workers, partners and suppliers. No business is an island. Promote healthy competitive environments.
  • Leave the job site in better condition than when you arrived. Not just when the job is done, clean it up every day.

Always Be Good to the Earth

  • Find local solutions and reduce carbon footprints
  • Use the proper facilities for waste disposal
  • Work with the partners that share the same ideals

M&F is restoring customers’ faith in the construction industry. Decision makers who choose M&F can feel secure they have contracted with a craftsman quality, reliable, end to end solutions provider. M&F has the crews and partners ready to deploy on your schedule, and capable of consistently delivering quality results. And M&F remains committed to a better environment. These values will remain at the core of M&F as we continue to grow.