The first step is always the toughest. “Where do we begin?”

The Solution: Call M&F.

Once the project has been placed in our capable hands, our first duty is to listen. We want to hear what you hope the project will ultimately achieve or remedy for you. What is the expected utility? Why were alternatives inadequate? Are there environmental considerations? What concerns have you been unable to resolve thus far? How urgent is your need? And, how restricted is your budget?

Once we agree on the vision for the ultimate outcome, the M&F Design, Civil, Architectural, and Delivery Teams work together to present you a detailed step by step plan. This plan is uniquely transparent. Each step includes a legitimate timeline, and accurate, detailed cost assessment itemizing the materials required for a quality result. We strive to eliminate surprises.

As needed, before the first shovel hits the ground, we revisit the vision, adapt the plan, consider and perhaps introduce alternatives that work within the budget, without compromising quality. When we start building, everyone involved is on the same page. Then, depending on the scope of the project, the M&F Team meets routinely with the customer to keep you current and informed about the next steps in building your vision.

M&F is on the job, on time, stays on budget and can additionally help you manage the site all the way through Bond Release. We are not done, until the customer can enjoy the benefits of their improvements.

Whether developing raw land, require a parking lot expansion, starting a new building or adding on to an existing structure, maybe you need new access roads or a solution for your traffic flow quandary…remember, that first step is no longer the toughest: just call M&F.